Flip2Mail – all good things come to an end…

We regret to inform you that Flip2Mail service will come to an end by 25.7.2016.
It’s been our pleasure to serve our users a daily digest of their favorite Flipboard magazine, 
but unfortunately,  we haven’t met our business goals.
As Flipboard’s biggest fans and the first community tool builders, we believe Flipboard is a great platform that will keep evolving and will supply Flipboard readers wonderful new tools to enjoy the amazing Flipboard magazines.
Thank you for using our service.
The Flip2Mail Team 
Flip2Mail in the news:

What is Flip2Mail and Why Should You Care?

So we set out to build Flip2mail when we realized that we spend countless hours reading Flipboard magazines but no matter how much we read, it was never enough. What do I mean by that?

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 12.29.52 PM

You see, Flipboard built something truly remarkable and users love it. Having said that, while Flipboard magazines offer publishers and and Flipboarders the ability to curate the best content and present it in a beautiful manner, users are finding it very difficult to keep up!

Unless you spend all day every day in Flipboard making sure you catch every update, you are surely going to miss something. That is how Flip2mail was born! If you are a Flipboard mag creator, paste the URL of your magazine here http://www.flip2mail.com/ and share that link so people can sign up to get daily digests of your magazine.

That way, your subscribers don’t miss any updates, you re-engage your subscribers, Flipboard gets more usage, and the publisher of the content gets more traffic. That is what is called a Win Win Win Win!

We are continuing to build out this product but so far, magazine owners are loving it and that’s what keeps us going!

What’s in it for us? Well, we built this product for us and we are, as a team, using it regularly to catch up on our favorite magazines, which we will gladly share with you in future posts so stay tuned and sign up for Flip2Mail now but don’t forget to share the page with your followers!